CDS Mock Test Series


CDS exam is conducted twice a year. CDS exam brigs opportunity for male and female candidates to join Indian Army, Navy & Airforce. CDS exam consists of three papers namely English, General Knowledge & Mathematics. While English and General Knowledge are compulsory for every candidate and those giving only these two papers and clearing them are given preference to join OTA (Officers Training Academy, Chennai). Those giving Mathematics can give preference to IMA (Indian Military Academy), INA (Indian Naval Academy) & AFA (Airforce Academy). However, females are not eligible for mathematics paper and hence can only opt for OTA. 

This mock test will be taken under exam conditions giving you examination experience with 10 mock test sets that includes most important questions. Questions included in the mock test series are most likely to come in your exam. You'll also get to analyse the result with time taken, accuracy, explanation and more. 


Q : Why Choose DefenceExams?

A : DefenceExams is the Indian Defence Education platform particularly made for defence aspirants. Faculty here have themselves cleared the exam they are preparing the candidate for. Their motive is to make you competent enough to clear the exam.

Q : What is special about the Mock test ?

A :  Mock test will be in exam conditions and provide you actual experience. You get the result instantly including the correct and wrong answers, total time taken, your speed compared to other candidates, time take for specific question, explanation and much more. 

Q : What if i’am facing technical issues?

A : Our Website and App are  user friendly and you will hardly have issues navigating the course. In any case, you can always ask our technical support team for immediate resolution.


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