PPDT & Narration Stage 1 | 10 Hours Special Course


SSB Interview is a 5 day Process with Day 1 beginning with Screening. Once a candidate reaches the selection board they go through a documentation check post which they are given time to prep and get dressed up in proper attire. Candidates get chest numbers and are segregated in small groups. The group first goes through Officer Intelligence Rating Test where two sets of verbal and non verbal tests Booklets are given to them. Candidate have to solve these booklets in a limited time. After going through OIR candidates are asked to proceed in a hall where they are all shown a same picture and asked to weave a story on the picture shown in a very limited time.

Students then proceed for a group discussion in a semi circle where they narrate their stories and have a discussion among the group to come to a common conclusion in presence of 3 officers seated in front of them. 

The collective result of these 3 tests are then announced. Students who clear this are screened in and stay in selection board for another 4 days for a series of tests while those screened out are sent back home the same day. 

As many as 10% are selected on the first stage (Screening) and hence it becomes important for candidate to prepare well for this stage. In this 10 hours course we focus on providing you with every small detail of the Picture Perception and Discussion Test, Narration, PPDT expectations, Art of narration and secrets to get screened in SSB Interview. 


Q : Why Choose DefenceExams?

A : DefenceExams is the Indian Defence Education platform particularly made for defence aspirants. Faculty here have themselves cleared the exam they are preparing the candidate for. Their motive is to make you competent enough to clear the exam.

Q : Is this the recorded session?

A :  Yes, these are recorded session among the group of students. The entire course is 10 hours packed session to give you edge among other candidates. 

Q : What if i’am facing technical issues?

A : Our Website and App are  user friendly and you will hardly have issues navigating the course. In any case, you can always ask our technical support team for immediate resolution.


Kritika Chaudhary
Kritika Chaudhary
PPDT Instructor
Picture Perception & Discussion Test 
This test is a part of stage I screening in process of SSB. This is one of the most critical days in the SSB, as it determines whether or not you will stay for the further process.

PP& DT is like a mini SSB in which the assessors are able to screen out the candidates whose Prima Facie does not come up to the required level.  
This makes it really important to write a good story That brings out your real self in the most perfect manner. 
After writing the story there are multiple things that a candidate must do to ensure smooth performance in Group Discussions. 
Having been recommended multiple times from various SSB's of Army and Airforce Kritika ma'am has the perfect experience and knowledge to guide you in writing the perfect story and presenting it in Group Discussion.


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